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Updated 03/31/202

Covid-19 Update

We at the practice, continue to wish everyone well during this time.  Even though The Department of Health has removed some of the guidelines for treating patients, they are still imposing strict constraints on who we are allowed to see.  

The guidelines still are limited to what they consider “True” emergencies. 

-Severe pain and swelling that medication is not helping to lessen the symptom

-Draining infection

-Traumatic injuries resulting from an accident

-Difficulty in swallowing or breathing


The office is still trying to obtain the proper gear/materials that would allow us to treat these emergencies.  We are hoping that the week of April 6th, we will have obtained enough protective gear to treat true emergences, on a limited schedule. 

The new schedule will be as follows;

Tuesday 9-2

Thursday 9-2

All patients will be prescreened, by phone, to determine if they are considered an emergency.  If you meet The Department of Health’s Guidelines, you will be scheduled. 

Protocol for emergency patients meeting the guidelines:

1) Phone prescreening

            a) No signs of any illness

            b) Not in contact with anyone with any illness

            C) Haven’t been traveling

2) Secondary screening upon arrival

            a) Repeat phone screening questions

            b) Temperature will be taken

***Please stay in car upon arrival, call the office, and then we will call you back when we are ready for you to leave your car and enter facility.  Only the patient will be allowed to enter the building, all others must remain home or in their car.  NO EXCEPTIONS

***Please be open and forthright of all pertinent information. 

***We maintain the right to refuse treatment, at any time, if we believe anyone maybe at risk.

***Patients will be responsible for payment at the time of service.  This would include an office visit for even those that are asked to reschedule upon arrival.  So, please be forthright with information. 


We know that this is very frustrating.  As we receive the proper amount and types of protection gear, we will increase our scheduled days of operation.  However, until The Department of Health changes the guidelines, we will not be able to treat non-emergent patients. 

Please stay safe and healthy.  

Dr. Schmidt and Staff







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